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The construction of both residential and commercial buildings in Darwin is at record highs.

David is called upon by builders to photographically record the best of their work. These
photographs become a major component for entries in the Housing Industry Association and Territory Construction Association Awards.

There is an entry requirement for professional images quoted by the Associations as follows:
"As photographs provided will be used for media purposes to promote winning entries, it is
essential that professional quality photographs be provided...."

David takes into account the weather, angle of sun for both internal and external shots, site
appearance, time of day, removal of bins, hoses, and other distracting objects. A ladder on top of a 4WD is used where necessary and in some cases a cherry picker is used if required.

Various lenses and lighting techniques are used to shoot even the tightest situations such as bathrooms.

This attention to detail has produced images that not only enhance entries but find there way into builders websites, brochures and portfolios.